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Advanced Magnetometers & Gradiometers

Gem Systems

GEM Advanced Magnetometers is a supplier of magnetometers, gradiometers and magnetic sensors for Earth Science, Geophysics and other applications.
With more than three decades in the research and development of equipment for geophysical exploration, GEM is also known for its service and support – featuring knowledgeable magnetics professionals and the industry-leading three-year warranty program.



Quantum magnetometers take advantage of the spin of subatomic particles (nuclei and unpaired valence electrons). Through a process of polarization, particles are caused to precess in the earth's ambient magnetic field. The resulting frequency of precession can be translated directly into magnetic field units. Quantum results are scalar (total field intensity) as opposed to vector (i.e. from fluxgate geophysical instruments or GEM's Suspended dIdD technology).

GEM leads in developing advanced quantum magnetometer technologies, including the Overhauser, optically pumped Potassium (K-Mag) and Proton Precession magnetometers. The company is recognized as the successful commercial developer of both the Overhauser and Potassium magnetometer / gradiometer. Moreover, its Proton Precession magnetometer / gradiometer is the latest technology system in its class.

AirGRAD Initial Flight Test
GEM Systems Advanced Magnetometers

AirGRAD Initial Flight Test

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