Through Ormic's profound market know-how we introduce a variety of products to serve the Aerospace industry.
Ground Systems for Space: TT&C, Remote Sensing, Monitoring
Mission Critical Data: Recorders, Acquisition modules
Airborne & Ground Telemetry Solutions
Antennas, Radomes & Reflectors
RF & Microwave Amplifiers: Low Noise, High Power, Narrow & Broad Band  Utilizing various technologies: Magnetrons, TWT, GaAs, GaN & more.
RF to Fiber-Optic Links
Thermal Management Solutions for Payloads & Electronic Systems
Radar & ESM Frond-Ends & Down Converters
RF & Microwave Components and Sub-Systems: Synthesizer, Filters, Switches, Attenuators & more.
High Speed Analogue to Digital Converters
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Aerospace companies represented exclusively by Ormic

Airborne & Shipborne broad band Antennas for Electronic Warfare Applications.

API / Weinschel | USA | NLR
DC to 40GHz Attenuators: Fixed, Step, Programmable & Variable.

Terminations: up to 1500W.

Custom ATE
DRS Signal Solutions | USA
SIGINT solutions: HF-40Ghz Tuners, Receivers, Transceivers, FE, Recorders & SDR (Software Defined Radios)
E2V Technologies | UK | ELR
Transmitters: TWT, Microwave Power Modules (MPM), Magnetrons & associated components; Receivers: High power receiver protectors, Amplifiers, oscillators & Mixers Phase Shifters
Elite RF | USA | NLR
Wideband and narrow band power amplifiers 1MHz to 15 GHz

Power up to 10,000 Watts

High efficiency Amplifiers – class A, B, C, AB, E, F, J & S

Octave & multi octave bandwidth amplifiers, Linearized RF amplifiers, etc.
Genmix | South Korea | NLR
RF & Microwave BUC's

0.5-40 GHz – Solid State power amplifiers & Down converters

RF, Microwave & MMW - Transceivers
Lucix Corp | USA | ELR
Space & Defense Qualified Microwave Modules & Amplifiers.
Micreo | Australia | NLR
Millimeter Wave & M/W Down Converters.

Optical Modulator Drivers & Optical Links - 30KHz – 40GHz
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