Thermal Management Solutions

From concept, creation, development, validation, testing and manufacturing - we offer unique and advanced high performance thermal solutions.


With our intellectual property (over 100 patents), trade secrets and professional staff (over 35 engineers), we apply this know-how to solve complex thermal problems for our customers and help to enable our customers’ products.


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Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. was founded in January 2003 to develop innovative thermal technologies and commercialize these innovations. 


ACT has grown into a company with large engineering and manufacturing groups that specialize in custom advanced thermal solutions, focusing on two-phase transfer technology.


ACT has provided solutions for industries ranging from Photonics to Defense, Medical to Space.  


While passive heat pipe assemblies and embedded solutions have historically been the backbone of ACT, as power densities rise, Loop Thermosyphons and Pumped Two Phase systems are becoming more common.


  Our current technology portfolio includes:

  • Advanced vapor compression systems for space and airborne systems thermal control

  • Higher temperature (250 to 400°C) heat pipes and loop heat pipes

  • Pressure Controlled Heat Pipe Furnaces capable of ± 5 mK control over a wide temperature range

  • High heat flux cooling (> 1000 W/cm2)

  • Capillary and mechanically pumped two-phase systems for electronics cooling

  • Vortex enhanced direct contact heat exchangers for HVAC applications

  • Surface engineering for erosion/corrosion protection as well as enhanced two-phase condensing heat transfer

  • Atomic level modeling of ablation phenomena


  • Heat Pipes, Vapor Chambers, Loop Heat Pipes, Pumped

  • High performance Conduction Cooling

  • Liquid Cooling, Enclosure Heat Exchangers

  • Engineering Design & Development Services

  • Solution Provider

    • Custom Design, Highly Engineered

    • The Technical Leader in Solving Thermal issues

    • Device, Sub-system, & System Level Solutions

    • Proven Technology to Commercialization Experience

  • ICE-LOK - Thermally enhanced wedgelocks



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