& ATE for Mobile Networks+ IoT

We Support :​

  1. Custom Automatic Test Equipment for Mobile Networks, 5G,6G & IoT applications

  2. Attenuators, Filters & ATE

    • DC-40GHz Solid State Switches, Programmable Attenuators, Phase Shifters, Amplifiers & Super Components.

    • DC to 40GHz Attenuators: Fixed, Step, Programmable & Variable. Terminations: up to 500W. Switch & attenuation matrices.

    • Attenuators, terminations, resistors for military, commercial and space DC-40GHz and power up to 2KW.

  3. RF & Microwave Filters, Low Power, High Power, W/G Filters, Duplexers


API Weinschel Specialize in:

  • ATE Multi-Channel Attenuators/Phase Shifter/ Switch systems for Mobile Networks and IoT

  • Attenuators - Fixed&Programmable

  • Butler Matrix

  • Programmable Switches Phase Shifters,Termination & DC Blocks

Programmable Attenuators Demo Video

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Switches& Butlers Matrix Presentation

A-Info Specialize in:

  • Fixed Coaxial Attenuators

  • Terminations

  • Couplers & Detectors

  • Pin & Coaxial Switches

  • Power dividers/Combiners

  • Limiters

  • Phase Shifters

  • Isolators / Circulators

  • Ocilators

  • Mixers

  • Bias Tee

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A-Info Company Profile 

Reactel Specialize in:

  • Tubular Filters

  • High Power Filters

  • WaveGuide Filters & Diplexers

  • Wireless Filters

  • Suspended Substrate Filters & Diplexers

  • Combline & Interdigital Filters

  • Flat Pack Combline & Interdigital

  • HPF &LPF

  • Cavity Filters

  • Ceramic Filters

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high power filter.JPG

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High Power Filter Example

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