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RF Safe Stop™, the ultimate in target deactivation technology from Teledyne e2V — a leading global provider of innovative technology for high performance systems and equipment — is a state-of-the-art, non-contact jamming system. Very high power, non lethal/damage electro magnetic pulse disables, cars, trucks, motorcycles, and small and medium sized boats.  


The system is capable of bringing moving targets such as - cars, truck, motorcycles, boats and UAV's to a controlled stop at a safe distance without collateral damage. 

When applied, the target vehicle retains limited controllability, resulting in steering and brakes maintaining functionality; the target will be unable to move until RF Safe Stop™ is put back in passive mode. Vehicle occupants remain unharmed allowing greater precautionary use.


  • ​Compact and discreet: fits into 4x4 vehicles

  • Stopping distance of up to 800m (antenna dependant)

  • Modular: allows reconfiguration to suit platform

  • Silent, permits covert operation

  • Energy efficient (battery-powered option available)

  • Non destructive

  • Easy to operate

  • Ready to operate in less than 1 second

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Short Product Presentation

Safe Stop

Safe Stop

Auto Drone interception - Pan and Tilt

RF Safe Stop™ - Opel Astra 70m

RF Safe Stop™ - Jet Ski 110 Meters

RF Safe Stop™ - Drone 250 meters

RF Safe Stop™ Land

RF Safe Stop™ Sea

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