Ormic Components Ltd. is a leading Hi-Tech manufacturers' representative and value added facilitator in Israel. Ormic has a proven track record of dedicated sales, services and support of the Israeli Electronic Industry with State of the Art, High Performance & Innovative Solutions.


Ormic integrates advanced sales & marketing techniques with advanced technologies for the Israeli electronics market and its partners throughout the world. Over the years we have established reputation for excellent long term professional relationships with our partners and customers.

Ormic has been successful in facilitating joint ventures between its partners and Israeli companies that allow to increase sales in Israel & throughout the world. Established in 1997 - Ormic offers End-to-End Innovative solutions utilizing advanced technologies & equipment for the following market segments:


  • Ground Systems for Space, TT&C, Remote Sensing & Missions Monitoring

  • Airborne & Ground Telemetry Solutions

  • Mission Critical Data: Recorders, Acquisition modules

  • RF, Microwave & MM-Wave Antennas, Radomes & Antennas Arrays

  • RF & Microwave Amplifiers : Solid State, TWTs & Magnetrons

  • RF to Fiber-Optic Links

  • Thermal Management Solutions for various applications

  • Radar & ESM Frond-Ends & Down Converters for airborne & naval applications

  • High Speed Analogue to Digital Converters

  • Microwave super components for VSAT, Drones & UAVs


  • Safe-Stop(*) – Advanced remote engines cold stop solutions

  • Advanced encrypted covert operations telecom system

  • Crowd control acoustic systems

  • Drone protection systems

  • Advanced forensic analysis systems

  • Exclusively Advanced Equipment for Government agencies ONLY!

​(*) T-e2V trade mark


  • Very High Precision, Portable, Ruggedized  Gas Analyzers & Gas detection for:

    • Research Institutions

    • Pharma & Semiconductors production processes

    • Environment Monitoring & Protection

  • Very High Sensitivity (Potassium) Magnetometers

    • Available as: Miniature & in various sizes & configurations

  • ​Fluxgate & Coil Magnetometers

  • Rare Earth Magnets for Medical & other applications

    • Samarium Cobalt Magnets

    • Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets

    • Bonded Magnets

    • Alnico Magnets and assemblies

  • Heat exchangers for industrial applications


Ormic employs highly qualified professional sales & application engineers that continuously trained to keep current with market ever changing demands.

Ormic’s personnel are equipped with all the sales and administration tools to facilitate efficient and successful service for its partners. Ormic’s personnel are highly motivated to achieve best results in the dynamic, ever-changing environment in which we operate.



Ormic’s modern offices utilize the latest computer systems and dedicated software to provide our customers and suppliers with reliable on-line services. Ormic is financially sound and has a complete logistics back-up that includes:

ISO-9001:2015 Sales & distribution of electronic components.


  • To provide complete customer satisfaction.

  • To partner our customers and suppliers for mutual benefits.

  • To encourage initiative, personal and professional growth to contribute to the company’s success.

  • To establish aggressive growth goals.

  • To conduct ourselves ethically, decently and fairly towards it’s employees, customers and suppliers.