Acoustic Warning Signal Projector


Cerberus Black

A-WASP® is a ground breaking communication capability designed to guarantee the attention of individuals or small groups and persuade or instruct them at ranges greater than 250m (800ft). 


The A-WASP® has been specifically developed to extend the ability of the police to ‘exercise persuasion, advice and warning’ without resorting to force.


Hostage Situations

Public Safety and Crowd Management

Breaking up Arguments/Fights

Perimeter Defense

Building Defense/Clearance

Evacuation Aid

Prison / Correctional Facility Management


  • Full evidential use log – including video

  • Max Output: 137dB(A) at 1m*

  • Max. Operational Output: 134dB LAeq*

  • Safety Limited Maximum: 112dB LAeq**

  • Beam Divergence +/- 7.5 degrees (-3dB)

  • User sound level < 96dB(A) in free field conditions (at max. output)

  • Mass < 10kg

  • Battery: Lithium Ion***

  • Battery Life: >90 minutes maximum output

  • Laser Range Finder: Class 1 eye-safe

  • Video recording: MPEG4

  • Data Logs: comma separated value files (.csv)

  • Data Logging (Video and Logs): standard USB pen drive

  • Environmental Resistance: IP55

  • CE Marked

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