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Military & Industrial
Filtered Circular Connectors

Spectrum Control (Formerly API tech) offers custom circular connectors in EMI filtered or unfiltered styles, including military standards.

Our filtered compact shell
connectors provide an effective filtering device that reduces the amount of real estate required within a product enclosure.

Components including
capacitors and shells are manufactured by Spectrum Control State College, PA facility, providing our customers high quality parts at very competitive prices, with the industry’s shortest lead times.


API Weinschel is now Spectrum Control

Rapid Mate

Military and commercial communications systems
Thermal and ambient light imaging cameras

Rapid mate 1.jpg

Mini-MIL Connectors

• Meets standards for RTCA/DO-160 Level 4 (1,500 voltage transient)
• Withstand very high voltages surges for airborne equipment
• Selective load options with consistent pin-to-pin performance
• Provides increased safety, system capacity, and overall efficiency
• Custom designs available


Circular Filtered Connectors MIL-DTL-38999

Custom high reliabilty, circular connectors
have a proven reputation for superior quality and
performance. Several types of EMI filtering are available

Mini Mil1.jpg

Filtered Audio Connectors

• Easy retrofit or upgrade without concern for space availability
• Standardized design for most contact arrangements minimizes tooling required (often
• Reduced procurement costs and small order quantities or prototypes
• PC tail or solder cup terminations

Filtered Audio Connectors.jpg

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